SportsTimer PRO, a timekeeping app, offers multiple stopwatches for different types of real-life action. Whether you're a single athlete wanting to time yourself, or you're in charge of timing multiple participants at once, this versatile app is up to the challenge.


"MultiTimer" is the stopwatch you'll use for a larger race or event. It supports simultaneous recording of up to 10 participants, and it's easy to set up. Before you start, enter the number and name of each participant (by typing or accessing them in your device's contact list). You can time each athlete individually, the entire event at once, or by an interval phase. As the event is in progress, check the intermediate standings with the "hotlist" function. As with the LapTimer, you can document the event by exporting the intermediate and final results to your SD card.Organize events (# of timers, names). Saving and loading events.


The "LapTimer" function is your single-athlete stopwatch. Record all your laps and stay informed about each lap performance. This stopwatch can be controlled in all situations--even while you're moving--because it offers optional tactile feedback and additional control through the volume buttons. At the end of the action, you can check all your lap times, send the complete time history to your friends, or save it to your device's SD card. Your time history is saved in a file format that can be even opened and edited in Excel.

Tecnical background

Timers will be fully restored after any break (call, using other apps etc.).

Data storage is resistant and will be managed in a database.

Different timer (currently two) display options are available. This can be changed, if the timers are running. Timer display and log will be adapted to new setup


Release Notes

Release 3.5 01/10/13


- Added: Integrated results window, which is interacting with the lap and stop action.

- Added: Configurable display, switch between standard and compact timer display. Compact mode enables the layout state without some buttons and lap information. In compact mode you can show more timers on the screen.

- Changed: Start options are now positioned on the countdown window.

- Changed: Option for automatic ordering the timer rows is included on the sort action menue.


-  Changed: Reposition 'Save' and 'Reset' buttons


-Changed: Using Android 4 icons action buttons

Release 3.4 10/25/12


- New functions to dynamically reorder the timer list. Hold the button and drag the timer to the new position.

- Reordering is only available on PRO and EVENT app.

- Interval and wave start will start the timers based on the current order.

  1. -Bug fix for saving timing data during orientation change.

Release 3.3 08/15/12


- Bug fixes for CSV-import

- Additional description field for timers. Can be used for teams, groups etc.

- CSV-import (event) and CSV-export (result) support the - additional description field

- Changed layout to display countdown time

- Countdown can now be canceled

- Start Hotlist from timer. Timer is marked in hotlist and shows actual ranking at current lap

- Hotlist shows additional delta time

Release 3.2 08/15/12


- Wave start is a new start option: groups of timers starting on the same interval.

- CSV-import of event name, timer name and number.


-New timer format: MMM:SS.000, counts minutes without grouping in hours.

Release 3.1 05/18/12

New app variant: Sports Timer Event


- Saving results includes event information.

  1. -Option Ordering timer now effects also stop action

  2. -Now up to 100 timers available (in SportsTimer Event)


  -New action to set stopwatch description

Release 3.0 03/23/12

- Optimized design for header bar.


- Interval start is now allowing timer actions during start phase.

- Interval start can be resumed.

- Pause action is available.

- Sharing data is using sort order


- New: Using stop-action during pause mode.

- Optimized layout for tablets

Release 2.4 12/22/11

History list - Saving all results to the database

Option to setup time format

Release 2.3 10/14/11

New GUI Design

Laptimers show running total and lap time

Release 2.2.3 02/01/11

Sort options 

Release 2.0 07/20/10

First PRO release to the android market

New MultiTimer

  1. Up to 3 timers parallel (10 in Pro version)

  2. Hotlist function

  3. Label timers by using your contacts

Added functions:

  1. Save results to SD-card in csv-format

Release 1.5 05/14/10

Changed home screen:

  1. Using now light theme

  2. Changing screen orientation now by menu switch

  3. Landscape screen orientation shows laptimer in big numbers

  4. Bug fixes for parallel timer: layout and resetting

Release 1.4 02/03/10

Changed home screen:

  1. Timer status, time and name will be displayed

  2. Option to change timer name

  3. Offers now 3 independent LapTimers

Improvements LapTimer:

  1. Seperate landscape layout shows timer in big numbers

  2. Additional LapTimer

  3. LapTimers can be switched directly by button (previous, next)

  4. Buttons to change timer display between elapsed and lap time

  5. New share option for twitter (using twidroid)

  6. Performance issue

Release 1.3.1 10/28/09

Bug Fixes

  1. Email now contains address from setup

  2. Performance issues

New features:

  1. Force feedback for button press

  2. Switch timer display between lap and elapsed mode. Click direct on timer numbers

  3. Date and time format are used from system preferences

Release 1.2 06/03/09


  1. New LapTimer


  1. LapTimer relabeled in SplitTimer

  2. Better app performance

Release 1.1 04/28/09


  1. Wake lock option - to prevent system sleeping

  2. Trackball support - if a button has a trackball focus, it will be highlighted by a blue border


  1. Button layout - moved buttons to bottom of the screen

  2. Overall Performance - reduced database access (to slow for realtime application)

Release 1.0 03/11/09